Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Psychology: Grief Experience Source

Grief Experience Source

I used to think external events cause stress and anxiety as an artifact of a grief experience. Psychologist believe a person can self-produce stress and anxiety. If stress and anxiety are artifacts for grief, perhaps grief can be self-produced.

The grief experience table shows four sources of grief.

Grief Experience
Cause by Self
Cause by Others
Known to self
Internal Loss
Unknown to Self
Illness  External

In the table, illness, external trauma and loss are within the scope of normal grief experience triggers. The notion that oneself can knowingly create an internal grief experience suggests grief behaviors like anxiety and stress can be self-induced. As a mental experiment, replacing the word grief in the top-left cell with either anxiety or stress, the words in the cells seem to be just as valid as for grief.

Johari window dimensions:

Johari Relationships  Known to self Unknown to Self
Known to others OpenBlind Spot
Unknown to othersHiddenUnknown to  All

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