Monday, August 19, 2019

MS Inside-Out: Concurrent Complex Syndrome

Concurrent Complex Syndrome


For years I looked for a term that groups all the different interconnected complications with MS. In my "MS from the Inside-Out" study, an MS attack is a type of trauma. The factors of trauma are injury, emotional, social and disability. The term "Complex Trauma Syndrome" acknowledges the complicated interdependent trauma factors. An MS attack inherits some characteristics from complex trauma syndrome plus adds the labyrinth effects from "Complex Fatigue Syndrome” caused by the physical, neurological and neuropsychological MS wounds. By thinking of the "MS syndrome"   as a layered complex group of symptoms whose characteristics are distinguished by inherited or innate. For example, the MS emotional symptom of an outcast is inherited but denial is innate. However, both outcast and denial are each complex syndromes within the group.

The origin of a complex syndrome happens as the trigger from some event. Power engineering uses the term dark start to describe the process uses to restart the main power generation turbines following a grid backout.  To start the big turbine requires a motor strong enough to initiate turbine movement. Then another motor is used to start the turbine starter motor. And another motor starts the motor that start the motor that starts the turbine starter motor. When some flips a switch to turn on a room’s light bulb, the light’s glow happens as the result of a dark start switch. A simple power on switch has many dependencies on science, physics, chemistry, engineering, craftsmanship, architecture and more including the biomechanics of the hand, human physical prowess, neurological coordination and the neuropsychological wherewithal that creates a plan to turn on the switch.  Sometimes, all that is necessary to intuitively attribute a dark start as a common event. From the room’s perspective, the dark start trigger occurred at the flipping of the switch.

Every injury does not exist until a black start trigger event happens. In MS, the explanation “no known cause” means science has not found the true dark start source for MS symptoms. However, science does know the MS injury begins with a wound from the immune system removing myelin. This injury is the clinical dark start source that in turn causes wounds.  

Concurrent Dissonance Disorder – In wellness, concurrent dissonance disorder is multi-factor physical, mental or social disorders occurring near-simultaneously caused by a trauma event. A disorder is an injury where the injury provokes a wound that disrupts or creates an injury that affects other orders.

Imagine playing the guitar. Each string's normal order rests in the air quiesced and stretched in tune. As the pick strikes the string, the sting becomes disordered producing harmonic vibrations. The string's disorder provokes dissonance in the air causing the air to be disordered to be heard as sound. When the pick strikes several strings, the near-simultaneous disorder from each string produces a complex syndrome of sounds called music.

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