Thursday, October 3, 2019

Contonx: Everyday Connections

Everyday Connections

Connection toning training begins with learning to be aware of the body's connections to produce activity for movement.

Suppose you are in a room sitting in a chair, and you look out a door and see a bright day inviting you outdoors. You stand up, walk across the room to the door, and all of sudden the wind slams the door shut. 
The normal body movement requires three movement elements for action.  

  • Begin with physical prowess to stand. 
  • Neurological coordination to walk 
  • Cognitive planning orchestrates navigation to the door. 
  • Startle reflex combines the movements into a simultaneous action. The door slamming causes a startle reflex that slams the thee elements into a near-simultaneous event.

Connections in MS

In MS, the immune system attacks the insulating tissue myelin around the axons causing 3 possible electrical conditions.

  •  A circuit open happens when the axon is cut causing axon loss
  •  Resistance increases due to insulation loss 
  •  Shorts, crosstalk, happen due to the demyelinated axons touching. 

All three exhibit fatigue conditions sometimes called nerve fiber fatigue.

In a way, the MS fatigue experience is like fainting, but unlike a faint where the person fainting has no conscious awareness, the MS fatigue attack is more like watching from being stuck in a bowl of clear gelatin unable to move.

In my youth, I had mononucleosis. While mono has several symptoms, the main symptom I remember is the extreme fatigue. I was so weak my mother had to spoon-feed me.  In my adult life, I can recall 4 times when the MS fatigue reminded me of being in bed with mono.  The other symptom I remember learning to walk again because my legs had no strength. Some say mono and MS may be related biologically. But, I do know fatigue symptoms are comparable.

Remodel Connections

All body positions require tone.  Muscles, nerves, bones, blood, and mind work together to maintain tone. The most restful posture requires tone. Movement requires millions of changes in tone. Each change requires connections to transfer from tone to tone. The connection itself is a tone.

Trauma disrupts connection tones. Connection tone training is a process for remodeling the damage in body systems to rebuild or remake or construct new connection tones. 


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