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Thoughts on God


Thoughts on God

God’s Gifts and His Teaching

        God’s first gift was a diverse place to live. 
            God’s second gift was diverse life 
            God’s third gift was the ability to survive in diversity. 
            God’s fourth gift was rational thought. 
            God’s fifth gift was free will. 
            God’s sixth gift was the ability to learn. 
            God’s seventh gift shared His wisdom. 

God began teaching lessons about using His gifts.

God’s first lesson teaching is respect for others. The Garden’s lesson teaches the difference between public and private property and the respect for each. The apple is another person’s private property. The free will assault by word (Eve), and deed (Adam) on private property is trespass. The consequences of a person’s trespass are misplaced respect. 

God’s second lesson expands rational thought to teach community development by acts of respect, restitution, and forgiveness.  

God continues His teaching with Moses and the 10 articles of respect, three to honor God’s property, and seven to honor others' property. 

Jesus, Himself, tells us and demonstrates that respect for others begins with respect for oneself. At His death, He teaches forgiveness is a quality of respect. 

In all the philosopher’s writings and in all the prayers, respect is the thread that binds each word and thought to God’s first teaching. 

To understand His teaching, God gives us rational thought as his greatest gift. With rational thought and learning, His teaching of respect became thought’s permanent anchor for rational acts. 

God’s wisdom knew Adam and Eve would trespass. By leaving the Garden, He knew that his grant of rational thought and respect would allow His people to grow in knowledge and honor diversity. He knew rational thought requires reminding.  

This explanation of the Bible’s verses perceives God as Devine Wisdom. God never teaches hate or hell. These are rational thought constructs to explain the loss of self-respect and disrespect for others. 

Divine Wisdom is self-complete. Why are we aware of His creation, gifts, and teachings? Our notions of heaven and the ends of time are wishful misconstrued atonements for trespass and a plea to return to God’s garden.  


The Garden parable recalls the loss of respect consequences. God fills His Garden with His gifts and teachings. The only nourishment required is respect.

~ The Creation and Garden stories are parables to understand diversity, respect, and survival within diversity. The Garden of Eden story chronicles His Divine Wisdom plan to adapt diversity by respect. But what about those who do not know the Garden story. What happens to His teaching and gifts?  

Devine Wisdom foresaw some human cultures will need the Creation and Garden stories to understand respect. Other cultures and worlds will have other stories. The Devine Wisdom themes for respect, diversity, and survival remain as His Nature's goodwill grant.

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