Monday, August 12, 2019

Feature: Josephism


This my list of Josephisms, most are mine, some are borrowed, some are quoted.
  • Live, Ride, Believe.
  • HERO means Help Everyone, Respect Others. 
  • Time, talent, treasure, and tenacity.  Tenacity – never give up.
  • Every step forward loses where it came from. 
  • Even to turn around and look behind is a different memory. 
  • Every step forward loses time. 
  • To turn around and look behind, loses time.
  • Every step forward is a new precious present. 
  • Our challenges grant us the gift of many precious presents.  So happy you are collecting them. 
  • Thinking creates thoughts for stories. 
  • You can only use one sense at a time.
  • My brain is the perfect chaos engine, happily enjoying every distraction. 
  • My writing is a scatter diagram of incomplete articles.
  • My brain is happy as a chaos generator.
  • Once I had a dollar. Once I wished for a dollar.  Once I earned a dollar.
  • The term money means title, value, use, and asset. In the bank (use),  I have (title) 10 (value) dollars (asset). 
  • An invoice is a demand for money; a payment is a transfer of title.
  • Space and time are artworks of the mind. 
  • Ideas are always ideas.
  • A found penny is a treasure and a misfortune. 
  • Family first. 
  • A term is more than a language artifact, it is a stakeholder of ideas.
  • A term is the end of a thought and the beginning of communication.
  • Failing because of quitting is not the same as quitting because of failing
  • I am an individual. 
  • A horse my refuse water, my job is to provide the water.
  • No one gets an education. Education gets you.
  • To thrive is to change.
  • The future and the past are stories.
  • A life is many lives.
  • Devote time to the people you love.
  • Every intention is a precious present.
  • Thrive with determination.
  • The universe of men and the universe of women are two dimensions.
  • The mind’s eye sees its heart’s perspective.
  • Only we can determine our fatigue.
  • Three, one, two, one, three. 
  • WWJD - What would Joseph do?
  • Left, right, left; count, cadence count; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4.
  • Peddling up-hill is life-affirming. Peddkng down-hill is fun.
  • A rock in the road is a signpost to a clear path.
  • Don't look at the pothole.
  • In every happy heart, there is love.
  • Love is a great spin that lasts forever.
  • Bikers ride in the sky because the sky starts at our tires on the road.
  • Remember to breathe from the gut.
  • The brain is a discrimination engine. The mind is a biased engine. 
  • I do not accept racism. 
  • The reason for war is economic power. 
  • Tomorrow you may wake up dead.  
  • Courage is only required for something you fear.
  • Bicycles are energy star rated.
  • Another name for the future is life.
  • A bicyclist always has the wind in their face.
  • I was disabled now I am adaptive.
  • In every happy heart, there are beats at for at least two people.
  • Real men have happy hearts.
  • To speak for itself, someone must hear it speak.
  • Here in the hell is the bathroom? I gotta piss.
  • First, learn 3 words, “I love you.” Then learn 2 words, “I surrender.” And one word, “OK”
  • Smile! Display your happy heart.
  • Biking, like wisdom, is applying the right leverage in the right place at the right time.
  • Sternum up, smile, see the world, shake it off, suck the gut, set intentions.
  • SAFE: Strength, Agility, Flexibility, Endurance; the finite wellness elements of conditioning.
  • Fatigue equals vigor minus endurance.
  • What not is the truth. What is not is an opinion.
  • Ability-to-thrive equals quality-of-life and quantity-of-life.
  • We are eccentric beings in an eccentric universe.
  • The mind is a bucket full of moods.
  • To overcome one challenge challenges all challenges.
  • When walking, what foot moves first?
  • To see is the hardest part of the picture.
  • “Last one, best one.”
  • All exist in the Goodwill Grant.
  • Failure to thrive is not an option.
  • I this for now and that already pasted.
  • Time is a learned concept of the human mind.
  • Time is absent in nature. 
  • Truth enables space.
  • Not am I not.
  • Honesty is the power of movement.
  • I refuse to be depressed. 
  • Respect permits identity.
  • Trust is the first principle of a relationship.
  • Love, faith, and hope bond family.
  • The trinity of fatigue: physical prowess, neurological coordination, cognitive planning.
  • A broken stick has 3 parts, 2 pieces of wood and a break.
  • When filling up, make sure to clean the headlights.
  • 40 squats a day.
  • The mind trains the brain, the brain trains the body.
  • I am what I see I am. 
  • Behind the mind of a great engineer is a great artist.
  • Thanks for your service.
  • The axle conquered the American West.
  • Frustration is the grantor for inspiration. 
  • A coin and a prayer are both collateral.
  • The word money means value, use, asset, and title. Payment is the transfer of title. -- I have (title) 5 (value) dollars (asset) in the bank (use).
  • Fear threat reactions: fight, flight, freeze, fawn, fade, fold, forget, finesse.
  • The Apostle's Challenge: form, fit, function, finance, fabrication, family, fix, feature, fact, fear, fubar.
  • Wellness modifies yesterday, connected by empathy, grow with affinity, live through change, the journey for oneself, together, experience life, remodel is an adventure.
  • Volunteering is a coin with two sides.  The head side is a risk to the organization. the tail side is a risk to the person.  Volunteering  for charity is a risk for the organization. Volunteering of the draft is a risk to the person
  • A value is more than money:
    Abundance, Accountability, Achievement, Action, Adventure, Ambition, Awareness, Balance, Beauty, Being the Best, Calmness, Cheerfulness, Clarity, Comfort, Compassion, Competition, Connection, Contribution, Control, Courage, Creativity, Curiosity, Determination, Discipline, Effectiveness, Empathy, Energy, Enthusiasm, Excellence, Fairness, Faith, Fame, Family, Flexibility, Freedom, Friendship, Fulfillment, Fun, Harmony, Happiness, Health, Honesty, Honor, Humility, Independence, Integrity, Intelligence, Intimacy, Inspiration, Kindness, Knowledge, Liveliness, Love, Money, Nature, Passion, Peace, Perfection, Persistence, Philanthropy, Power, Respect, Security, Simplicity, Significance, Spirituality, Spontaneity, Strength, Stability, Success, Status, Teamwork, Tolerance, Tradition, Truth, Vitality, Volunteering, Wealth, Wisdom
Quotes I like

  • Our aspirations are our possibilities. - Samual Johnson
  • We will either find a way or make one. - Hannibal
  • Start by doing what is necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. - Saint Francis of Assisi
  • We stopped to smell the flowers, then went on our way,
  • They can because they think they can. - Virgil
  • Just trust yourself and you will know how to live.  - Goethe
  • One today is worth two tomorrows.  - Ben Franklin
  • It's wonderful what we can do if we are always doing. - George Washington
  • Faith in oneself is the best and safest course. - Michaelangelo
  • It is never too late to be what you might have been. - George Elliot
  • Clear your mind of cannot. - Samual Johnson
  • Only the heart knows how to find what is precious. - Dostoyevsky
  • Today I am out me-walking.
  • A journey of a thousand steps must begin with a single step, - Lao-Tsu

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