Monday, September 2, 2019

Pysc: Did Adam Have a Bellybutton?

Did Adam Have a Bellybutton?

“Did Adam have a belly button?”, the Question is a philosophical question related to a bible story. The Question proposes a polar answer of either a yes or a no. The Question itself makes the suppositions that the character Adam exists, that something exists called a belly-button and that Adam may have the procession of the belly-button. 

The Question defines the affirmative to be "Adam has a belly-button", then negative to be "Adam did not have a belly-button.  A "no response" cannot be either yes or no,  but yes response means a proof argument. The negative response is an absence of proof, the response is a negative answer.

The Question suggests the scope of understanding is context similar to both the proposer and the proposed.  Although the answers may include valid responses where the proposer and the proposed to have different or distinct context.

If the proposer and the proposed have a mutual context with similar exposure to bible stories,  the Question's proposition is a philosophical interrogation related to creation and God. Four options provide the bases for opinions.

  1. Creationist -- No. God created Adam, therefore no need for a bellybutton.
  2. Evolutionist -- Yes. Homo sapiens evolved as a biological natural occurrence.
  3. Interventionist -- Yes. Some eternal force triggered evolutionary species to gain abstract rational thought. The bible story suggests God choose the homo sapien Adam to have free will. Perhaps some other unknown source of external force triggered or deposited a person with advanced brain capability.
  4. Exclusionist - No. Knows about the story but discards it and considers the story fiction.
However, if the proposer and the proposed have no mutual context, the Question is about a person named Adam and his bellybutton.   The Question does suggest other responses that are not yes or no.

1. Inquisitive - Why is Adam's belly button important?

2. Rationalist - What is the reason for the question?

3. Knowlege - No concept of creation.

4. Indifferent - I don't care.

5. Unknown - Not discovered.

6. Not important - No. important and unimportant are still important. Not important means no existence to make important.

7. Alternative - A different story about creation.

The world is full of different tribes and cultures. Each may have similar ideas about creation or the lack of ideas itself.  A rock has a complete response.


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