Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Multiple Sclerosis: Trauma Evolution

MS's Trauma Evolution

The clinical diagnostic terms replace-remitting and progressive are eccentric progressions but with different impacts and consequences. Speach is an eccentric event. Every sound utterance is a different energy wave event. Every utterance heard filters into collective modals eventually to be words. Each ocean wave and wake is a unique eccentric event yet we recognize the rising and the falling.

MS is a multi-dimensional eccentric disease. Every event is a new event.

The experience dimensions from a trauma attack event are:

  • wound - the MS injury relapse and remission attack, broken connections
  • emotional - the psychological experiences
  • social - the change in relationships
  • disability - the connections remodeling 
The thrive dimensions consequences from the trauma event are:
  • Ability to thrive - the merge of resources enabling life to prosper
  • Quality of life - the perception of the value of resources
  • Quantity of life - the capacity of resources to sustain life
  • Will to thrive - the desire to thrive
Some of the life dimensions effects from the trauma event impact are:
  • denial
  • fear
  • grief
  • ability
  • proprioception
  • pain
  • money
  • family
  • work
  • insurance
  • therapy
  • training
  • medical
  • support
  • journey

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