Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Contonix: Fitness Model Primary Elements

Fitness Model Primary Elements

The Fitness Model shows the body's connection relationship of physical, neurological and cognitive. If are sitting in a chair and you want to walk out the door across the room, three activities must happen.
  •    Must have the physical prowess to move.
  •    Must have neurological coordination of movements
  •    Must have cognitive plans to direct movement.
Movement activity requires millions of body system's connections. Movement performance requires different systems to work in harmony with each other. Tone exists wherever the connections among the different movement elements perform in harmony. 

When connection tone 
  • does not exist - a new skill
  • or are weak - not used 
  • or broken - due to trauma like an accident, illness or diseases like multiple sclerosis
then connection toning (contonix) training uses the connection relationship to remodel the connections. Mind-It is the training technique means to remodel. The Mind-It goal is to create or restore vigor.

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