Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Engineering: The Apostle's Challenge

Engineering: The Apostle's Challenge

The Apostle's Challenge is a set of 12 challenges every responsible concept owner, the apostle, of designs, products, ideas or the like that identifies and refine the concept.  The common terms form, fit and function.refer to the physical description. The other nine terms that challenge the apostle to mold the description.

  • Form - Shape
  • Fit - Use
  • Function - Application
  • Dodecahedron Dice
    Each side is a challenge
  • Feature - Constraints, differentiation
  • Fear - push backs, business plan
  • Finance - the cost of goods
  • Family - product mix position
  • Fashion - the customer view, pricing.
  • Fabrication - can it be made, process requirement
  • Fact - Materials, logistics, shipping
  • Fix - Service and repair
  • Failure (Fubar) - Design iterations, Management nightmares.
Each of the 12 challenges can be marked the one side of a dodecahedron. In production and business management, the challenge evolves.  Often, the experience seems like a dice roll.

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